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New Release - Audit BR

Postby Gabriel » Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:02 am

Sage AX is proud to announce a new product in our ever expanding line of tools to empower the BR developer in ways never before dreamed: Audit BR.

If you read this post before, check it out again. Its been updated to include a link with instructions on how to use the free trial.

This latest development tool can be used to create a powerful Audit Report directly off your BR data files showing exactly which records have changed and how over a given time frame. This ability is invaluable for debugging complicated program changes, especially changes that affect multiple data files.

As members of the BR forum, you're all invited to experience a free trial of this new technology.

To experience your free trial of Audit BR, visit the Audit BR Trial Page at ... icle&id=69 . This page contains a link to download the trial, as well as instructions on how to use the trial.

This trial version of the software expires August 1st, so its important that you give it a try before then.

If you have any trouble running the free trial, please contact me directly at If you have any other comments, I welcome them as well. I'm eager to know what you all think of this new development tool.

Thank you,
Gabriel Bakker
Sage AX

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