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Linkage to Email List Restored

Postby gordon » Mon Feb 18, 2013 1:50 am

The forum feature that forwards to email has been fixed.
I apologize for the delay. This change turned out to be a substantial project.

With regard to back postings... The list below gives the titles of forum postings since January 2012. This goes back a little further than the time of the change from ADS.NET to BRULESCORP.COM. However I thought it would be useful to list the year once I was into the data base. If you recognize your own post and you wish to republish it to send it to the mailing list, simply edit the posting and resubmit it. (Note.. Wait until you are sure this is working.. maybe a couple of days.)

The numbers preceding the topic names are topic reference numbers. To access these topics directly append the topic number to

e.g 640 Moving the cursor in a grid would be:

Please inspect this list for postings you might like to visit.

631 BRG Spring Conference
632 Indicate Sort Column
633 Uploading a .xml file to a FTP site from WB
634 new workstation 4205 woes 4.03x
635 Looking for new opportunities
636 EDIT ~ returns a 4203 error
637 Server Recommendation Advise
638 New Server Advice
639 PDF
640 Moving the cursor in a grid
641 grid - current row
642 PSPad with BR version 3.9 and 4.1
645 delayed write failure
652 Date picker control written in BR
654 [BR_forum] business wisdom
658 Major Leaps
660 FMT($999,999,999.99) alignment
661 BR! Outsourcing
663 MS-Office
664 Handy Reference Card
667 WBServer vs. BRServer
668 Font substitutions
669 RTF Report writer
672 Scheduling Windows task to print a BR report?
675 Config Collate Alternate
677 Landscape Printing
678 Setting the Top Margin
679 Easy Precision
680 4.3 SQL Interface
681 Repositioning record in display file
682 INI utilities?
683 [BR_forum] Fwd: How to build business with Pintere...
685 Printing
686 different config options for different versions of...
687 SYSTEM call
688 Announcing the 2013 Business Rules Group conferenc...
689 HTTP Control File
690 [BR_forum] company name change
691 [BR_forum] name change
692 New Forum RSS
693 Job Opening
694 Wow
695 list, filters, and error 0886
696 HTTP Client Content-Type
697 Scrolling past the top or bottom of a listview
698 BR 4.3 EXE Statement - (Much Faster!)
699 VoIP
700 MyEdit Status Update
701 Accessing 3rd party data via their ODBC driver
702 File Browser in BR
705 BR Client-Server 4.2 Installation
706 Double clicking on field activates Enter
710 ODBC
711 Calling all BR presenters!
712 BR 4.3 - Data Encryption
715 changing the Q Attribuyte combobox arrow picture
716 ISO: Someone using BR 4.3 Listview filters
717 ISO: Someone using fine grain field processing
718 ISO: Someone using the new enhanced MAT2STR and ST...
719 ISO: Someone to demonstrate the Input Fields TEXT ...
720 Soliciting presenters for the conference
721 4.3 SQL 11
722 How to use the forum
723 XML
724 Business Basic

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