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Official BR ScreenIO Release

Postby Gabriel » Tue Jan 24, 2017 6:40 pm

As many of you know, SageAX and Business Rules Corp have worked out a deal to make ScreenIO included in your BR license for versions of BR 4.32c and higher (which will be available shortly).

You can now download the full release version of ScreenIO from my website. Go to, click on Products->ScreenIO and then click the Download link. Or, use the direct link here: . I will keep the most up to date version of ScreenIO available for download on from now on.

The version out now is free to use without a license until December 31st, 2017. At that point in order to continue using it, you'll have to either upgrade to BR 4.32c or higher, (contact Gordon for details), or if you really need to use it in earlier versions of BR, you can contact me at and I can arrange to send you a special license file that will make it work with earlier versions of BR.

But for now, download it and try it out! See how fast and easy it can be to write beautiful BR business programs using ScreenIO!


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Re: Official BR ScreenIO Release

Postby gordon » Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:38 pm

This announcement may be confusing to some current users of ScreenIO. Gabriel and I have tightened the relationship between BR and ScreenIO. In the process, to support future improvement of ScreenIO, we are starting to license ScreenIO along with BR just like we do ODBC and HTTP Server.

Starting the first of February, a ScreenIO license will be automatically issued in the BRSERIAL.DAT file for any licenses of BR 4.3 or later. The embedded ScreenIO license will be required in order to run this latest ScreenIO release on BR 4.32c and later. To run this latest ScreenIO release on BR versions prior to BR 4.32c, a special separate library file that will authorize such use will be provided to existing licensees of ScreenIO.

Therefore all existing ScreenIO licensees will continue to have access to ScreenIO improvements as they purchase new editions of BR, and by using the special library file when running the new ScreenIO with earlier versions of BR.

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