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10,000 Foot Webinar

Postby gordon » Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:38 pm

We are still expecting to do the 10,000 Foot Webinar this fall with the following agenda:

Spring Conference Topical Preview ...
  • Web Based User Interface Development Tools
    • JQuery
    • Bootstrap
    • PCP Storm
    • Metis Menu
    • SBAdmin2
    • Data Tables
    • Editor
    • Form Validator
  • How to setup HTTPS
  • Best Learning Path for Each Tool (Without Learning JavaScript)

I'm thinking of mid-November. It should take less than an hour. We do NOT intend to cover these topics in detail at the webinar. Just an introduction and a description of their scope with a few examples.

First lets make a list of interested parties and then we will pick the best date. All of you who may attend the webinar, please email me at gordon.dye7@gmail.com (please do not reply to this which will clutter everyone's email).

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