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Topics for BRG Conference

Postby Susan Smith » Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:11 pm

Here's your chance, everybody...

What would YOU like to learn about at YOUR conference in San Antonio? If we can find somebody to explain it, we'll do our best to deliver. Any requests?

And since this is YOUR conference (this is a group "BY the people, FOR the people"), do you have something that you would like to share? I am especially interested in the showing off of applications written in BR. I love to be inspired and see things that I may have never thought of. Don't you? I love to ask "How did you do that?" And since like you, I didn't go to any formal "Business Rules" school, I learned it all on my own. So many things that YOU may think are common knowledge among all BR developers may in fact NOT be! I highly encourage as many of you as are willing, so step up and tell us about what you are doing in BR, what are your favorite things about it, and what handy hints have you learned over the years. If you have something like this that you are willing to share with the group (2 minutes or 2 hours), LET'S TALK, okay? (oh, and quickly usual, I am running behind and should have posted this note over the holidays)

-- Susan

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