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Conference Thank You

Postby Susan Smith » Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:53 am

Hello everyone,

I want to sincerely thank all of those who made our 2015 San Diego Business Rules Group conference possible. The presenters worked so hard and we had a wide variety of valuable information to share from Gordon, Gary, George, Gabriel, Laura there in the meeting room, as well as a couple of surprises presentations from Mikhail, connecting remotely from Argentina! I learned so many things that I want to try myself and I hope you did too. It might take a while, and I may have a lot of questions since it's hard to digest so much at one time, but I am so thankful for all of the work that you put in.

To those of you who attended the conference, thank you as well. We wouldn't have a conference without an audience. I enjoyed beginning some new friendships and continuing some old ones. As it ALWAYS happens at these conferences, I gained some valuable hints in the casual conversations that took place in between the formal presentations, at meal times, and just sitting around in the lobby having a drink. Those are the most fun surprises because you never know what you are going to go home with that was not in the conference manual. I hope no one lost their little tiny flash drive! At first, I was sorry that I chose that model because I couldn't get the cap off to save my life. Argh. But after a lot of practice, I got the hang of it and now I'm happy to have a flash drive that I can keep in my notebook while it's in the case. In case any of you are interested in knowing more about those drives and the features, they are SanDisk Ultra Fit, model #SDCZ43-032G-G46, USB 3.0, 32gb, with speed up to 130 mb/s. In the SanDisk folder on the drive, you will find some things that were included with the drive, including: SanDisk Secure Access software, which keeps private files private. You should be able to install them from the folder, though the San Disk files were originally in the root before I loaded them up.

I enjoyed visiting with Steve's wife Heidi as well as Pete's family, wife Emily, daughter Heidi and granddaughter Raegan. I always enjoy seeing the families that come. I wish my own husband and daughter had been able to come down for a day, but it wasn't in the cards this year. Our group is so much more than just a professional trade association. We have become family to each other, and each conference is a welcome reunion with those we haven't seen for many months. We missed those who weren't able to attend this time because of schedule conflicts or other things, and I hope we see you next time for sure. (Next time will be Spring 2016, so it's not far away. We plan to meet in San Antonio at the Drury Plaza Hotel, where we have met twice in the past. More information will be coming so stay tuned.)

If you have questions or follow-up to anything you learned or heard about at the conference, I encourage you to post those questions or comments here in the forum in the appropriate section. That way, we will all benefit. I will posting a survey, a couple of them actually, in the coming days (or a week) to get your input about this conference, the next conference, and even some possibilities for future conferences after that. Please take the time to fill them out. We have a lot of different opinions and expectations about conferences in our group, and I want to hear yours! That's how we can meet the needs of the most people in the best way. So help us out when you receive a link to the online surveys, okay?

Thanks again for a wonderful conference. I hope, by going back to our spring schedule, that we will have an even bigger group next time. And I look forward to learning more about this wonderful programming language that makes it possible to pay my bills! :)

-- Susan, your grateful BRGroup president

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Re: Conference Thank You

Postby bluesfannoz » Mon Oct 05, 2015 8:17 am

I believe everyone would concur that we could not have done it without your wonderful work Susan! Thanks again!

Thanks to all the presenters! Great Job!

As usual picked up some tricks and things to investigate!

If your using BR! Get involved! Show us what your doing at the next conference!
Steve Koger
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