PLEASE READ and RESPOND Re: 2016 BRG conference

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PLEASE READ and RESPOND Re: 2016 BRG conference

Postby Susan Smith » Mon Nov 30, 2015 1:15 pm

Hi all,

We are booking the hotel for our 2016 Business Rules Conference. There was a bit of a delay in receiving our proposal from the hotel, but we're all set now. I need your input very quickly (please) as I need to nail down the dates ASAP.

The conference will be at the Drury Plaza in San Antonio, TX at the Riverwalk. This is the same place that we went in 2012 and 2014 and many of you requested that we return there. The great news is that the room rate is the lowest we have ever had there - $129.99 per night - and is MUCH MUCH lower than the rate in San Diego this year. I hope this means that most of you can come. Unfortunately, the hotel is booked for some of the dates that we wanted to consider. But since they have offered us three different weeks, I will put it to you, in order to enable the most people to attend. Note, that NONE of these dates fall in Fiesta Week. Those of you who attended in 2012 will remember Fiesta Week! It was quite an adventure!

Please respond to the survey at the link in this message in order to tell me your preferences. This will also help me know how many rooms to book and roughly how many people to count on. This is incredibly important as hotels, more and more, are requiring groups to pay for rooms that they reserve, but don't use. Yet, we need to reserve enough rooms so that you all get a place to sleep, at the group rate. It can be a delicate balance!

For your information, the later in the spring it gets, the hotter the temperature in Texas. May's average low/high temperature is 67/87 and June is 73/92. So keep that in mind with everything else you are juggling in your decision.

Holler if you have any questions. And please respond quickly. I will likely be responding to the hotel on Wednesday.

-- Susan

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