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Conference musings - Alphabet Soup

Postby Susan Smith » Tue Feb 23, 2016 2:18 pm

PHP, JSON, HTML, Pearl, Python ... Alphabet Soup

What kinds of alphabet soup do YOU use to extend the utility of your BR programs? These technologies can be integrated into the BR environment to extend the reach of raw BR. Other programming languages use the same tools. How are YOU using them?

30 years ago, or even 20 years ago, a BR system might have been the only thing running on your client's computer. But now, we are doing much more than we did back then, with other software (email, browsers, office applications, specialized industry-specific applications and much more). And users expect much more. They expect to share data between applications. They expect to use multiple devices to access the same data.

What connections do you make between your BR data and other applications or other hardware? How do facilitate those connections? Do you display your data in browsers? Do you create spreadsheets from within your BR software for use in Office apps? (formatted with formulas?) Do you display your BR data across the internet to clients who need to access it in the field? Do you export BR data into other systems or import external data INTO your BR software? What else do you do and how do you accomplish this? What tools do you use? Talk to me!

-- Susan

P.S. Would you like to talk more about this at the conference?

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