Nifty Neatos and short demos wanted!

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Nifty Neatos and short demos wanted!

Postby Susan Smith » Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:35 pm

Hello everybody (or rather, those who are coming to the conference)!

I am looking for people who have some Nifty Neatos for our conference! These are short demos of anything you like! It can be a demo of a feature of your software (even a cool screen is good!), or an interesting technology or method that you use which might be of use or interest to others. It can be a a short demo of a third party product that you use and like. It can be a short discussion of how you do something like security, or user permissions, or menus, or upgrades or website connections, or ANYTHING. It can even be a feature of your software that you would like some help with!

Nifty Neatos do not require any advance preparation (well...please get your act together to SOME degree first). It does not require a written presentation to put in the conference book. Just some simple sharing in the moment. My goal is to have LOTS of this. If enough people share, everyone is bound to hear something that inspires them that they can take back home to try for themselves. Or in the case of a "help" discussion, we can all benefit from that as well. So please contact me if you'd like to be on the list. I just want to know approximately how many people and how much time to set aside for this. I can use everything you've got!

Please don't be shy. Email me. If you don't have my email (it hasn't changed in years), post here and I'll contact you off of the list.

-- Susan

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