Conference - A last minute request - PLEASE READ

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Conference - A last minute request - PLEASE READ

Postby Susan Smith » Mon Apr 23, 2018 9:53 am


Hello to all of you who are attending the 2018 BRG conference, and even to those who aren't. I just thought of something...last minute I know.

For those of you who were there last year at the Boston conference, we did a lot of casual sharing. People spent a few minutes showing off something small in their application, or a cool utility they discovered on the internet that was useful in their programming, or even a little hint or technique. I would love to do that again, so DO come with an idea to share, no matter how small. In fact, It's usually those little "bits" that are often the most inspiring parts of the conference: getting a little window into what your fellow BR programmers are doing. And those kinds of things are the things that we can use ourselves. If you have a Manufacturing module, perhaps I would never need to make one myself, but I might REALLY like the nice fonts you chose on your customer screen. Or maybe I might like to use drop down lists to choose the "State" code in an address like you did.

BUT... There is something else that I would LOVE for you to do.

I would like to have a section on the flash drive for the conference for inspiration. Basically, it would be a folder of screen shots and pdfs. I would love to come home from the conference and be able to see a screen that someone else designed, or a PDF of a nice report. Wouldn't you? I can't remember anything by the time I get home, so to take home those little bits on the flash drive would be a great reminder. Sometimes it's the color schemes that interest me. Or the buttons you use. Or WHAT you put on a button. Or even the way that you set up a header on your screens. Do you use a lot of contrast in your color selections or do you use a subtle gradation of one color? What fonts do you like on your screens? LITTLE things like that, you know? I was telling someone recently that many years ago, we had a member present his software at the conference and although the content of his application didn't mean a lot to me because I had no need of that type of system, the part that I took away from it was the classy color scheme! My programs tend NOT to be very consistent, he had used shades of blue throughout his entire application in a very consistent way. He used one shade for headers, one for background colors on listviews, another shade on pop-up get my drift. It looked incredibly professional and I wished that I had a screenshot to remind me. Another year, one of our members showed me one of his reports. The header on the report looked so nice that I wanted to recreate something similar. So if you are comfortable with this idea, would you flood my email with screenshots and pdfs/scans from printed pages that I can put on the conference flash drive? You don't even have to attend the conference to participate. IF you like, you can even post them here if you want to share here in the forum. In a perfect world, I would get hundreds of them, but I'll take whatever you're willing to share. Go through your application and pick out some things and send them over to me, okay?

Thank you, my friends.

-- Susan

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