Client/Server Reconnect

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Client/Server Reconnect

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Has anyone successfully been able to capture an error 4618 or 4620 and have their program shutdown properly upon a disconnection between the client and the server? We have been trying to establish an error trap routine to do so and cannot get it to trigger our error trap.

We have this in our BRCONFIG


It goes through the process and loses the connection if we pull the ethernet cable to a workstation. It will properly reconnect if you plug it back in within the allotted time. What we cannot get it to do is go through an error routine on the server end to properly close files.

Here is my example program to test I am just trying to trap for an error if it occurs when it has disconnected.

Code: Select all

00980     On Error Goto ERR_TRAP
00985     Print Fields "1,10,C": " ."
00990     Let SLEEP(5)
00995     Print Fields "1,10,C": ". "
01000     Goto 990
10000 ERR_TRAP:
10130     Open #1: "name=errors.lst,replace",Display,Output 
10135     Print #1: "Disconnected"
10140     Print #1: STR$(ERROR)
10150     Close #1: 
10160     Execute "Sys" : End 
I don't get an errors.lst file created. So my program is not quietly shutting down like I would expect it to. Has anyone been able to make this work?
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