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Kevin Klappstein
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MyEdit Status Update

Postby Kevin Klappstein » Fri Oct 05, 2012 7:57 am

Ryan just wanted everyone to know that he is still alive and working on MyEdit. His announcement follows:

Hi everyone,

Just to prove that I'm still alive and that MyEdit and MyEditBR isn't completly dead, here is a screen shot of the current state of the new version as compared to the current version of MyEdit.

One thing to note is that this is a complete rewrite. To get some of the newer features I wanted I needed to go to a completely different syntax editor control.

The new version of MyEdit should support all of the current version features and functionality.

Some of the features that the new version should provide, and you can see a sample of this from the screen shot, are proportional fonts, code folding, unicode support (for those that need it) and a better plug-in/add-on interface via a built-in scripting engine.

While I haven't got the scripting engine implemented yet, this version of MyEdit is being designed from the ground up to support it. This should allow for things like Gabriels Lexi product to be a supported as a first class add-on to MyEditBR, for example. By first class add-on I mean, no external batch files. MyEdit actually runs all of the code necessary to make the product work.

I'm very excited by how this version of MyEdit is shaping up. While I don't have a timeframe for when the new version will be available I will try to let you know what is happening with timely future updates.

Ryan J. Mills
Mills Enterprise Ltd.
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Kevin Klappstein
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Postby John » Wed Jan 02, 2013 8:12 am

I'm currently using code folding in N++ - It allows for a couple things that you might like to include in the new MyEditBR code folding.

1. Comment Block folding. - Optionally (of course) any where there is a series of lines that are comments it will let you fold those up.
2. Customized regions. any comment that has a " r: " will be the top of a code fold section and any comment with a " /r " will be the bottom of a code fold section. In practice this is REALLY NICE!!! It lets you define your own regions in each program and fold on them, nest them how ever you'd like, etc.

Just some ideas.

Oh, and of course, CLS's code now has lots of these little R: and /R s all over it now :)

-John Bowman

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