Conference Starts at 8:30am on October 1st

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Conference Starts at 8:30am on October 1st

Postby Susan Smith » Fri Sep 25, 2015 4:10 pm

Hi all,

There is no shuttle from the airport to the hotel. But since the two are only 2.5 miles apart, a taxi ride is quite economical. Uber and Lyft will pickup at the airport if you prefer to go that route.

On Wednesday when you arrive at the hotel, you are free to make your own plans for that evening. There are is nothing special happening as a group as everyone arrives at a different time. You can grab food at any local restaurant (Seaport Village is across the street with lots of choices, and there are a lot of other options within a mile), or you can eat at the hotel if you like. I did that the last time we were there in 2011. I think I ordered crab cakes, now that I think of it :)

In case I don't see you when you arrive at the hotel, I wanted everyone to know that the conference officially starts Thursday morning at 8:30am in the meeting room with the "Business Rules Group" sign outside. So get up early on Thursday (to avoid the inevitable crowded lines), and partake of some of that great FREE hot breakfast that they serve there. Then mosey over to the meeting room with your laptop by 8:30. We will start promptly (hopefully). We will have cold drinks (sodas, iced tea, water) in the meeting room. If you want coffee or hot tea, bring that with you when you come from breakfast.

On Thursday and Friday, we will have conference sessions from 8:30 t0 4:00 with a 15 minute morning and afternoon break and an hour-long lunch, which will be catered at the hotel. On Saturday, we go from 8:30 until noon with one morning break (no lunch) and you are dismissed at noon. I will attach the schedule that I printed in the conference book to this message. I hope that helps!

Thursday night, we will have a group dinner (optional, you pay your own way) at a restaurant across the street from the hotel called Busters. Some of you went there for lunch when we were there in 2011. On Friday night, we will walk about 3/4 mile to the Gaslamp Quarter where there are more than a hundred restaurants, bars and shops. There are mostly smaller places there, so we won't try to eat as a group. You can peal off in smaller groups as you desire, walk down the streets there where most menus are displayed out in front of the establishments, and decide where you and your group would like to eat! It's a fun place! Check it out:

NOTHING is mandatory! You are quite free to make your plans, as I know that a few folks have already done. There are no reservations plans other than Thursday dinner. And even that is not mandatory.

-- Susan
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