Thanks to Susan and all Presenters

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Thanks to Susan and all Presenters

Post by bluesfannoz »

Thanks Susan for ALL your hard work in planning and execution of another Great conference! You have it down to a science! :D

Thanks also to Mikhail, Gabriel, Tom, and Gordon for your presentations. Always come home with something new to play with!
Steve Koger
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Re: Thanks to Susan and all Presenters

Post by Susan Smith »

Thank you too Steve! I especially loved your SQL talk. It finally makes sense to me and is not nearly as unapproachable as I always felt it was. This is doable! Thank you to everyone else who stepped in to make it happen. I think we all had a good time and I look forward to our next "reunion" in New Orleans in 2019! (More on that later for those who are reading this and thinking "uh...what?")

-- Susan
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Re: Thanks to Susan and all Presenters

Post by gordon »


While recovering the Business Rules cloud server I included a fairly complete history of our conference presentations, including the conference books. We are missing the thumb drive files for 2012 and 2016. If anyone has them I would appreciate getting a copy to post. We do, however have the books for those years.

I will be hiring someone to go through all of the conferences and prepare an index and table of contents so that we can search this treasure trove without having to wade through it all.
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