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[BR_forum] Cut/Paste not working

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Hi all,

Have any of you ever had your cut & paste stop working? I'm using Win XP Pro (local machine, not a network), and when I got back from Nashville, my cut & paste had stopped working - in ALL applications including MS Office 2003.

I can highlight text and delete it, but pasting it doesn't work - either from Ctrl-V or Edit/Paste. I saw some possible solutions online when I googled, but most of that advice was old and the one good lead didn't work.

I tried rebooting - no luck. (Normally, this machine runs 24/7). I ran a deep virus scan and spyware scan and neither came up with any threats or infections. I DID do Windows updates last week before I left for the conference. Has anyone had any trouble with cut/paste after applying the last set of Windows updates? That's the only thing I can think of.

-- Susan

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