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browser issues

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I have pretty much avoided all Microsoft products except Windows and Visual Studio over the years for obvious reasons (mainly their propensity to intrude). So I switched to Chrome some time ago. Then, when Google started snooping around and gathering information on anything I do on the web, I switched to Firefox.

(I also now use duck duck go for a search engine with substantially improved performance over Google. This may not make sense because duckduckgo uses Google (anonymously). But that is what I experienced. )

Now several times my machine has started bogging down severely. I check task manger and it is Firefox. So I terminate Firefox by hitting the red x closing all tabs. (Fortunately it restores all tabs upon restarting.) BUT then after Firefox has closed and I wait a minute or so, I check Task Manager and Firefox is still running several tasks with no indication on my display!!! And it is using substantial resources. Bad news. I don't know what it is up to, but it's time to move on.

I'm considering using Opera. Anyone got any comments on this?
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