Subscribing to individual message topics

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Subscribing to individual message topics

Post by GomezL »

Is there a way to subscribe using some type of feed? (NNTP., RSS, etc?) (
Larry TIetz

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Post by Larry TIetz »

Do you need to subscribe if the forum sends an email anyway?

Cart before the horse - what does subscribing to a feed do? (I assumed it sends an email saying the site way updated)
Susan Smith
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Post by Susan Smith »

You certainly CAN subscribe, but to individual topics rather than then the entire forum. It's not an RSS feed, but a "watch".

When a topic you are subscribed to is replied to, an email will be sent to the email address that your username is registered to. The email will contain a link to the topic that has been replied to. You will only receive one email per topic until the next time you log in to the board.

Subscribing to Topics
To subscribe to a topic, look at the lower left corner of the Topic View page. Click the small Watch this topic for replies link.

Additionally, if you post or reply to a topic, you may check Notify me when a reply is posted to subscribe to a topic.

Unsubscribing from Topics

To unsubscribe from a topic, look at the lower left corner of the Topic View page. Click the small Stop watching this topic link.

Alternatively, you may look at your notification email. At the end of the email (right above the signature) there is a link that will unsubscribe you from the topic.

-- Susan
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