Why should I post my messages in the new forum?

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Why should I post my messages in the new forum?

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There has been some confusion about the relationship between our old Email mailing list and the new web-based discussion forum that has just been opened this past week. Part of this is because messages are temporarily being delivered to both places automatically, which can get a little muddy when you aren't sure where they originated from.

None of the messages (original posts or replies) that are sent from your Email through the old EMail list will be retained indefinitely in the new web-based forum. CURRENTLY, those Email list messages are being fed to the new forum into the "Mailing List Archive" section (the last one on the list), but that section will eventually go away - it's only temporary! So if you want your messages to "stick" in the new forum (where they may be helpful to someone else in the future!), please create/write them IN the new forum from the appropriate section and DO NOT HIT REPLY to Email list messages.

If you want to reply to a message that comes through in Email, go to the new forum and find that message. (You may have to use SEARCH to locate it.) One hint for finding unread messages in the new forum is that when there are new messages posted in a particular section since the last time you visited, the icon to the left of the section name lights up. Once you locate the message, reply to it there in it's original section.

One nice thing about the new forum is that if you make a mistake in a message, you can go back and edit it after it's posted. Now that's something we certainly didn't have in the old EMail list and is a great reason for posting in the new place! Nice.

If you have more questions or need further clarification, navigate to the new forum and you will find this message in the "Using this forum" section. You can reply to it there, keeping all messages "threaded" (connected together) while eliminating the need to quote messages in your reply!

The new forum can be found here: http://brforum.ads.net

-- Susan
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