Setting Up Your RSS Feed

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Setting Up Your RSS Feed

Post by gordon »

Email Notification of Posts to the Forum

Since the “mail2forum” programed linkage between the forum and the mailing list is no longer available, it will be necessary for each of us to establish a Feed Reader browser link. Then it will be convenient to check from time to time for BR Forum posts.

So please use these instructions to add a Feed Reader to your browser. Note this doesn’t mean you will be notified by email. But the feed reader icon in your browser can tell you about new posts as they become available.

A good free Chrome Feed EXTENSION can be found here:
Please note.. you are looking for an Extension.. NOT an Application.

I chose the one named RSS Feed Reader, but there are several to choose from. Upon installing it, an orange icon will be added to your Chrome bar in the top right corner. Notifications will appear there. To begin, click on the icon, and the plus symbol to add as a new feed. And you're done!

The particular reader I chose allowed me to follow (select) either “BR Forum” or “New Topics,” which turned out to be also the BR Forum. The difference is that the New Topics lists topics to be examined, whereas the BR Forum selection repeats the topic name for each new post. I prefer to see a thread oriented list, rather than mixing posts from different topics in the list, so I selected New Topics.

For Internet Explorer, open IE and right click somewhere on the tab bar and select “Command Bar” if it is not already checked. Go to and he orange feed icon will become visible in the top right corner. Click it and select RSS (new). An orange bar will appear at the top of the web page with an option to “Subscribe to this feed”. Click this and then confirm it in the pop-up window that appears. The orange bar will now confirm that this has been successful. Notifications will now appear in the orange icon when something has been posted on the forum.

In Mozilla Firefox also has a built-in RSS feed viewer. Go to and the RSS feed icon should be visible in the top right of your browser tool bar. Click on it and select the news feeds you want and confirm it in the pop-up window.

Alternatively, you could add an RSS reader extension in Firefox, like the process described above for Chrome. A simple RSS Reader is available for Firefox here: ... eader-srr/
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Re: Setting Up Your RSS Feed

Post by John »

:idea: I set up to email me when there is a new feed avaialble, so they come right to my email inbox. - I do however still have to click on the subject and go to the forum to reply. blogtrottr seems to be working pretty well except that it only checks for new feed items every two hours, which I am not loving. There are a multitude of other options like and many more (some listed here ... item-feed/) which I have not tried. Blogtrottr also places a large annoying ad at the top of each email, so if someone tries a different one that they enjoy than I'd like to hear about it.

-John Bowman
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Re: Setting Up Your RSS Feed

Post by mluchterhand »

For those using Outlook, try using http:// for the URL to get Outlook to recognize the RSS feed (without space after http:// - forum appears to automatically shorten)
Thanks - Matt Luchterhand
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