Modifying ACT! 2013 Database from BR

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Modifying ACT! 2013 Database from BR

Post by PJKLUG »

I have been modifying data in an ACT! 2000 database for many years using a concept for breaking down the database header information to give me header record size, data record size, and number of data records in the database thanks to Luis. We installed ACT! 2013 on the server and now I get an error basically stating that the database is in use even though no one is in it. (BRules error 4148 - File sharing violation) SAGE is telling us that they do this to keep people like me from doing what I am doing and that I never should have been able to do this.

HELP!!! Any ideas how to break in or anything else other then going to something other then ACT! 2013 ? I only add sales data on a monthly basis. I really don't want to use the SAGE import features.

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Re: Modifying ACT! 2013 Database from BR

Post by John »

*maybe* you could make a copy of the database, modify the copy - kill all ACT processes and then copy your modified copy into place. Or perhaps SAGE offers a "proper" way to write to their database. If they are actively trying to stop this sort of behavior than no work around that you come up with will work for long - eventually they'll find the hole in their security and fix it.
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Re: Modifying ACT! 2013 Database from BR

Post by gordon »

Then, when all else fails, there's always BR 4.3 with it's SQL support.
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