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Printing Forms

Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:50 pm
by gtisdale
As I have mentioned at a few BRG conferences, I have developed a methodology for printing forms using essentially three programs. One allows data entry and formulas as well as other information needed for printing the form, another handles using this information to print the form, and the third handles maitaining a library of PCL forms in an internal file for use in sending MACROs to a PCL5 compatable laser printer. Forms can be printed in either PDF or PCL format (NWP is an additional option, but transferring the graphic makes it less desireable than using PDF and printing). The NWP mode without a graphic can print to a preprinted form easily.

I'd like some feed back on a proposal.

What I am thinking of doing is to share forms using this methodology. I would provide the programs free of charge to whoever is interested. The programs as provided would allow you to create your own forms, but my proposal is that for any forms that I have created I would "sell/license/share" the form on a price per page basis. The program allows me to export a single record file that contains all of the form information. In addition I would provide a .prn file of PCL form information and a PDF file with the form in PDF format for overlay. Becasue the program uses PDF printing and NWP printing you would need to be using BR4.2 or better.

For example, the current federal form 940 contains three pages, posibly more if you consider the payment voucher, Page 1, Page 2 and Schedule 940-A. Anyone interested could ask for these forms and I could email you the three files, the .xpt export file for the form; the .PDF, pdf overlay for the form if printed in PDF format; the .prn file, the PCL data for the form that will be used to create a PCL5 printer macro, as well as an RTF document that would specify what informatin needs to be passed to the function that prints the form.

The function that prints the form contemplates receiving four arrays (2 string and 2 numeric). If you create your arrays in the same format that I do you could use the form without change other than changing any signiture files if you elect to have signitures applied by the printer. If your arrays are diffrent you would need to change the formulas in the form to correspond to your data. You would also need to use FNSNAP.

I would include in the transmission a list of what data belongs in which elements of which array.

The questions that I pose to the BR comminity are:

1. Is this something that is of interest to you?
2. What would you see as a fair price range per page of form (each page is treated as a separate form)
3. What additional information would you need in order to make a determination as to whether this is of intrest to you?

Thank you for your input.


Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:08 pm
by Susan Smith
I don't print these types of forms in any of my applications, so unfortunately, it probably wouldn't benefit me or my clients.

But I do have one question: When you say that the price is "per page" is that per page PRINTED (i.e. sending out a quantity of 100 of the same form is price x 100) or is it a permanent thing based on the number of pages in the form itself? (a 3-page form = price x 3, no matter how many of them you print)

-- Susan

Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:14 pm
by gtisdale
Good question. The per page is what I send you. You can then use it for thousands of forms with no additional cost. So if you wanted a form 940 that was three pages and we decided on a $25.00 per page cost you would send me $75.00 and print your two thousand 940's multiple times without and additional charge from me.

Thank you for helping me claify this.

This same technology could be used for printing and reprinting loan documents however that you could create using my program for no cost, unless you wanted me to create the form for you. I use FINEPRINT and PDFFACTORY PRO to help create the PDF files and PCL files.


Posted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 12:06 pm
by bluesfannoz
Very cool stuff George. We would be interested.