BRG Spring Conference

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BRG Spring Conference

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Dues notices were mailed today. If you do not get one, or have not gotten one in the past (and so are not on the current list) please let me know at, or post a message on this forum so that I can include you as a member.

Remember that the conference is included in your membership (not including your hotel stay, transportation and some meals). So be sure to pay your membership before the conference. Because we need working capital to put the conference together, we appreciate your paying right away.

The conference this year will concentrate on showing and implementing features from the 4.3 release level. Most of the features are up and running now after a slow start. I am personally using 4.3 daily and enjoying using the great features associated with lists and grids. Things like having the attributes of the lefthand column of a grid change color as I move my cursor up and down the grid, just like I am used to when using Excel. Or quering a llist or grid to get a sorted and sub-totaled report on the grid data with a single function call.

I have client server working as well and am still learning the intracacies of how to use this in my unique situation. My server contains many data locations, with a different root for each customer, but on the client side I work out of a single client location. I look forward to brain-storming with others on how to make this work most efficiently as well as the various ways to pass files like Excel and Word back and forth betwenn the client and the server. This gets dicey, but is doable. The complicaton in my case is that the client is coming in over the internet without a VPN or terminal services connection, sinply a BR link with no drive mapping.

I am running CS on a Windows 2003 server, but would like someone to show me how to set it up and run on my Linux FTP server.

We are planning on a lot of "Open Time" to allow sharig of ideas and exploring alternative ways of accomplishing outcomes.

If you have a novel way of doing something, or a grreat looking application. We would love for you to share it with the rest of the BR Group.

Don't forget to save a little time to explore San Antonio as well.

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Thanks for posting, George. I promise to pay my dues earlier than last year! (oops)

At the conference, I'm REALLY looking forward to hearing more about how you are accessing BR applications over the internet. If that were something that I could do without too much complication, I can think of several new features that I could potentially offer to my clients!

See you in San Antonio April 26-28!

-- Susan
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