Major Leaps

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Major Leaps

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One of my largest clients is wanting to add ODBC capabilities to their software to make it easier for other companies to read our data. Currently they are using WB 3.67c. I know that this will take a little work and I'm only a little familiar with the BR! ODBC. However with all of you fantastic BR! Power Houses here I'm certain I can pull it off. Here's what I *think* I need to do:

*Upgrade them from WB 3.67c to BR! 4.x
which will require:
*possibly new computers with modern O/S
*save all programs to source in 3.67c and load and save them in 4.x
*recreate all indexes
*re-work printing logic (???)
*Implement ODBC
*Install ODBC
*Develop Filelayouts from Form statements in existing programs
*Import those into the ODBC system somehow

I'm pretty shakey on what exactly I'll need to do to make the ODBC work - I'm hoping to get a better idea. Has anyone made a document on how to get ODBC up and running... (honestly I haven't even looked on the BRWiki yet, but I'll stop by there next) Am I missing any other major steps or overlooking any complications?

-John Bowman
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