4.3 SQL

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4.3 SQL

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I started playing with SQL in BR 4.3, and am wondering what to do about "Dates" in SQL.

In FileIO, you typically use READ # ... :mat table_data$,mat table_data

This works great in BR where we only have 2 data types.

We have used both Char & Numeric Dates, so depending on the situation, our dates could be in either array. My Newer programs use Numeric Dates (BH 4).

In SQL, Dates Contain Both a Date Value and a Time Value, My inital thought was to use MAT Table_Data_Dates$, and convert the "SQL Dates" to "MM/DD/CCYY HH:MM:SS".

My problem is that internally, we have kept Dates & Time separate, for example BATCH_DATE & BATCH_TIME are separate fields.

Any ideas?
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