32 bit HASH Code

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32 bit HASH Code

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This is an interesting little routine. It will convert any string to a 32 bit hash suitable to be stored in a BH 4.
While it is not guaranteed to provide a unique value for every string, it does a pretty good job!
THIS IS NOT A SECURE HASH, and should not be used for security purposes.
The value is that it's simple and very fast to execute.

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02000   DEF Fnhash(&Hash_String$)
02010     LET Hash=0
02020     FOR _Hash=1 TO Len(Hash_String$)
02030       LET Hash+=Mod( (_Hash*Ord(Hash_String$(_Hash:_Hash))) , Inf )
02040     NEXT _Hash
02050     LET Fnhash=Hash
02060   FNEND 

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