[BR_forum] File Speed Increases (Press Release)

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[BR_forum] File Speed Increases (Press Release)

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Utilizing the BR Profiler, we have increased the speed of FileIO and all applications using fileIO, by 10 times when running locally or over a LAN, and by 100 times when running over the internet (via client server).
In order to get these speed increases in your programs, you will need to use the latest copy of FileIO, and you may have to update the fnOpen function in each of your programs that use the FileIO library.
As always, the latest copy of FileIO can be downloaded from our ftp site here:

The documentation for FileIO is available on the BR Wiki at:
Some notes about the Speed Increases in the latest version of FileIO can be found here:
Or more specifically, here:
SageAX would like to thank Gordon Dye and Dan Walter for developing the BR Profiler, and Luis Gomez and all the others at CLS who developed some useful tools and a nice presentation explaining how to use the new BR Profiler. Without their hard work, these speed increases would not have been possible.
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