Event Driven Architecture and concurrency

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Event Driven Architecture and concurrency

Post by gordon »

It has come to my attention that the world of computing has rapidly evolved in the past 3 or so years. Concepts that originated much earlier have been and are being adopted at an accelerating pace. In particular, the emphasis on having many or at least several "objects" processed by a single program has dissipated in favor of micro services. Steve Jobs once characterized objects as data surrounded by code. In essence, code (called methods) can handle pretty much all activity with respect to a certain real world object which could be represented on disk via one or more DB tables or BR files.

The concept of code surrounding and managing data has grown to more complex renditions called services. Actually the proper term is micro-services.

I'm sure we all can see the need for applications that can scale .. or grow with the volume of transactions they handle. The question is how to achieve parallelism and retain order. One way this is done is to break apart programs into a structure of (micro) services. And then as volumes increase, especially web based back-end service requirements where users are waiting for a response, a rash of requests can be queued and distributed among parallel instances of microservices. This process of queuing and distributing is called loose coupling and the architecture for handling it is called Event Driven Architecture.

I have attached an article that explains it very well and is an easy read.
Introduction to Event Driven Architecture.pdf
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Re: Event Driven Architecture and concurrency

Post by mikemiller »

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STKCRSUsyP0 This is one of my favorite talks on event driven architecture. It makes me dream of being able to work on some sort of append only system where the state from any point in time can be rebuilt.
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