Is the Wiki Down?

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Re: Is the Wiki Down?

Post by gordon »

Greetings everyone.

The wiki and forum are back up.

The problem I encountered was that I had purchased an extra 30G of storage space a few years back for some projects, and now we no longer needed it. The bluehost control panel for our virtual private server would not let me renew without that drive, so I kept renewing month by month until I could get that resolved. I requested all of the changes, including a year of support on the base system, well before the current month expired, but bluehost never serviced the request, let the current month expire, and shut the system off.

I'm going to seek an alternative cloud based resource for our needs. But now we are paid up for the next year.

I use a virtual private server, instead of a hosted system to avoid any unrequested updates. I don't like surprises any more than you do.
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Re: Is the Wiki Down?

Post by mluchterhand »

Gordon, could the most recent Wiki issues be related to issues with the FTP site? I have not been able to access the FTP site for a couple days. Thanks much.
Thanks - Matt Luchterhand
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