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Fun with Fonts

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00010 PRINT Newpage
00019 EXECUTE "config attribute [Playbill],font=Playbill"
00020 PRINT FIELDS "10,1,80/C 1000,[PlayBill]": Rpt$("|",80)
00021 PRINT FIELDS "11,1,80/C 1000,[PlayBill]": Rpt$("-",80)
00029 EXECUTE 'config attribute [3of9],font=3 of 9 Barcode'
00030 PRINT FIELDS "14,1,80/C 1000,[3of9]": "This is 3 of 9 Barcode"

This code sample shows some interesting results using the "Playbill" font.

I also show a demo of 3 of 9 BarCode (A Free font)
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